Sports Information Australia

Sport is a big part of life for millions of Australians. From cricket to rugby, netball and swimming, there is something for everyone!

Sports information Australia provides a safe place for people to raise concerns about sport integrity. We offer a range of services to help you make informed decisions about your participation in sport.

What is SISA?

Sports information Australia (SISA) is an Australian-owned and operated website that shares news, evidence and insights about sport and human performance. SISA aims to ensure that sport is an open and fair place.

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SISA’s mission is to provide a safe and fair place for all participants

As Australia’s peak national multidisciplinary authority on sports medicine, sports science and physical activity, SISA strives to be a leading authority on a range of topics. From government policy and funding for sport, through to specific projects focusing on sports health, aging in sport, gender equity, a range of drugs in sport and the best way to improve safety in sport – SISA has a lot to offer.

To achieve its vision SISA has developed a number of unique products to meet the needs of the industry. These include the Clearinghouse for Sport, which is a website dedicated to sharing news, evidence and insights about a variety of sports related topics. The best part is that it is free to use! This is a big achievement for a not-for-profit organization and one that shows that SISA has clearly thought long and hard about how to best deliver its services. It is a great resource for both industry professionals and the general public to access when it comes to learning about all things sport.

SISA’s vision is to be the leading authority on sport integrity

Integrity is essential to the social, economic and physical benefits of sport. It allows us to bring people together, regardless of differences in language, ability, culture and beliefs.

In order to achieve this, integrity in sport means that athletes and supporters can participate and celebrate sport safely and with confidence. It includes preventing the use of illegal substances, ensuring competitions are fair and that participants have a positive experience of sport, including the opportunity to make complaints.

The integrity of sport is a complex issue and requires the expertise of many stakeholders. This can include law enforcement, the sports governing bodies, education, intelligence and the protection of whistle-blowers.

SISA’s values are to be fair

Sports information Australia believes that fair play isn’t just for the lucky few, but for everyone. The best way to demonstrate that is by fostering an environment where everyone can enjoy their sport of choice, without arousing fear or loathing in the process. Using a combination of the latest technological wizardry, proven best practices and a bit of imagination the possibilities are endless. For example, there are many different ways to create a positive experience for all stakeholders, including those with special needs. We are a small but mighty team of highly skilled professionals who aspire to be the benchmark in all that is relevant and fun.